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Buck 65

May 18, 2011 - Leave a Response

So carrying on for what turned out to be a very Hip Hop themed Great Escape for us this year. We give you Canada’s legendary BUCK 65!

Buck 65 (Rich Terfry) is quite possibly one of THE most abstract hip hop artists on the planet today incorporating Blues, Country, Rock, folk and Avant Garde sounds into his music.

The shots were taken at Brighons Heist bar with only a 30 minute time frame so we had to work fast to get 2 different sets from this session. It was all made much easier by that fact that Mr B65 was one of the nicest chaps we’ve worked with in a long time.

Photography/Lighting – Olly Hearsey
Assistance – Xoe Kingsley

For a look at what he’s all about check him out here


May 18, 2011 - One Response

Ghostpoet has been attracting praise from the UK’s broadsheets, international blogs and Hip Hop’s most respected fringes. Now signed to Gille’s Peterson’s label and in high esteem with Mike Skinner, his cool lisping rap is honest darkday/everyday, slick and introspective.

When we heard he was in town to play The Great Escape festival, we couldn’t pass the opportunity to shoot with him. We were inspired by the very present theme in Ghostpoet’s back-story and music: that there are dark times and that even then, the artist isn’t still –¬† it’s making itself present, needing to create, nodding towards the light, making people notice.

Ghostpoet -

The moths were cut from 140gsm paper and stuck onto a spiral of 3.5mm insulated copper wire, which was attached to the stand lamp (with the shade removed and a 40W bare bulb in).

Moth detail was picked up by a snoot, angled up from the top left of the frame.

Ghostpoet was lit with a snoot coming from the top right and angled down.

Photographer/Lighting – Olly Hearsey

Art Direction/Moth-making/Post – Xoe Kingsley

Assistant – Nasryne Ramazannezhad

Ghostpoet’s new single “Survive It” is released this week. Check out his YouTube channel for the video, and previous releases.

Willy Mason

September 15, 2010 - Leave a Response

Yesterday we shot some new promo photos for Willy Mason. He’s a genuinely sweet guy with a deep warm timbre and a loose guitar sound.

The gig was lovely – He charmed the crowd with all of his classics, along with some new tracks that he’s been working on.

Willy is best known for his hit “Oxygen” which featured on his 2004 debut album “Where the humans eat”. His 2007 album “If the Ocean gets rough” was received warmly, and although he hasn’t released a full length in 3 years, he has contributed vocals for the track “Battle Scars” on The Chemical Brothers’ album “We Are the Night”, toured with the likes of Radiohead, Norah Jones, Ben Kweller and Death Cab for a Cutie.

For a listen checkout Willy’s new song here!

Photography/Lighting – Olly Hearsey
Retouching –
Assistance – Alex Stirling Reed

Tweak Bird promo photo going to press!

September 12, 2010 - Leave a Response

We got some great news this week. Grubby rockout brothers Tweak Bird are using the milk bottle promo we shot with them in support of their coming tour and latest single, “BONES”. The band are currently signed to Souterrain Transmissions and if you’re not aware of who Tweak Bird are then… get acquainted with ’em. Here’s Bones.


September 1, 2010 - Leave a Response

Last week we had the pleasure of having Mr Zach Condon in the studio. Zach is Beirut – or at least he was for his first two records (the critically acclaimed 2006 debut album “Gulag Orkestar” and the follow up, “The Flying Club”). These days, he’s joined by a full ensemble.

As well as shooting some solo shots with Zach we also did some group shots with him and his ever evolving band who this time around included members of Arcade Fire, Team B, The National and Soft Landings .

For now here’s something we shot in the studio with Zach. There will be more images to follow…

For those of you that don’t know Beirut here’s a little treat.

Photography/Lighting – Olly Hearsey
Assistance/Editing – Xoe Kingsley
Assistance – Alex Stirling Reed
Print – Colourstream (Brighton)

Wild Nothing

July 29, 2010 - Leave a Response

Wild Nothing is Jack Tatum, Jeff Haley, Nathan Goodman and Michael Skattum (though sometimes it’s slightly fewer of them, depending) and for the last seven days we have been blasting their hazy, blissful pop on the studio stereo. This is the sound of the summer we SHOULD be having! Where did it go?

Wild Nothing are currently touring their debut album “Gemini” – an immersive, spaced out and very cool album. We wanted to try something a little trippy for them, with cool colours and layers that reflected the saturated dreamlike quality of their sound.

In hindsight, it’s maybe a little dark. Maybe the colours should have been more vivid?

Listen and watch one of the standout tracks from Gemini via the link below! ūüôā

Chinatown – Wild Nothing

Toro Y Moi

July 19, 2010 - Leave a Response

Here’s some new promos with the very chilled Toro Y Moi! He passed through Brighton this week as part of his UK tour.

Toro Y Moi is the stage name used by Chaz  Bundick. His music has taken on many forms since he began recording, but he is now identified with the chillwave movement of summer 2009.

Late in his school career, Bundick formed a close musical relationship with fellow chillwave luminary Ernest Greene who plays under the name Washed Out.

He has since been signed to Carpark Records, on which he released his first full-length album “Causers of This” in January 2010 .

On his official page it states that two LP’s will be released in 2010, including “Causers of This“.

Wooden shjips shoot

June 29, 2010 - One Response

The following photographs are  of Wooden Shjips and were taken a month back when they played at the Freebutt in Brighton.

Wooden Shjips is a space rock/psychedelic rock band from San Francisco, USA and they have been compared to bands like Suicide, The Velvet Underground, The Doors, Soft Machine and Guru Guru.

They are currently signed to the (frankly, immense!) Holy Mountain Records, whose artist roster includes Six Organs of Admittance, Om, Mammatus and Daniel Higgs.

The experimental, minimalist, drone rockers just confirmed their appearance at the ATP New York 2010 music festival in Monticello, NY, USA in September 2010 at the request of film director Jim Jarmusch.¬† Sadly, we won’t be making it over for the festival, but at least we’ve got their most recent collection of spacey, psychedelic singles -“Vol. 2”,¬† to keep us occupied.

Coco DeVille

April 1, 2010 - Leave a Response

Choreographer, dancer, burlesque star, voice-over artiste… Ladies and Gentlemen, let us introduce; the amazing,¬† Miss Coco DeVille!
We had the pleasure of working with Miss DeVille this week on a collaborative set of vanity photos, each scene with a different “character” and mood. Here’s just a couple of the shots from the day, but we’ll surely be posting some more photos later on.

The Golden Goddess of Plenty

Neon Circus

Make-up by Xoe.

Make-up details, lighting/set up details and full length shots from this session coming soon. Watch this space!